GREAT Program Staff

Here at UC Davis International and Access Programs, our dedicated team of professional and student staff work to support students throughout their programs, ensuring they receive the most out of their UC Davis experience. We also strive to build personal relationships with them, creating communities that go beyond borders and last long into the future. Our staff come from a variety of backgrounds, with each bringing unique experiences and skills to their work, while sharing in common the passion for international student experiences and education. Here’s a little more about each person on our team.

Jacob Hosier, M.A., Director

Jacob HosierUC Davis alumnus Jake Hosier has been supporting international education and international students at UC Davis for more than 15 years. Growing up in a small town, Jake is passionate about empowering students from every walk of life to rise to their fullest potential. He especially enjoys international students’ aspirational dreams and enterprising work ethic. Jake holds a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies from UC Davis and a Master’s in Liberal Arts from the University of North Carolina, and has spent extended time in England and Brazil. He is committed to the idea that institutions were made for individuals, not individuals for institutions. Jake is known for his excellence in designing academic courses and student programming that enable individuals to not only be highly successful classroom students, but also to engage with the community and institution of UC Davis, growing in both their personal and professional aspirations. His favorite time of year is graduation time, when he gets to hear students share about how much they have learned about themselves as they’ve been challenged in unexpected ways and learned to thrive in different environments. “Students’ dreams become bigger and more focused during their time studying abroad at UC Davis,” he says with a smile.

Roland Faller, Ph.D., Faculty Director
headshot of Rolland Faller

Dr. Roland Faller is currently the executive associate dean in the College of Engineering at UC Davis and oversees the College of Engineering graduate programs. He is also a professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at UC Davis. Dr. Faller's research team uses and develops novel techniques and models in all areas of molecular modeling, focusing on directly integrating them with experimental methods. The team is interested in a wide range of materials that span from biological molecules (lipids, proteins) via polymers to ceramic oxides. They work on developing micro-macro relationships which will allow tailor-made materials for specific applications. Learn more about Dr. Faller's Multiscale Modeling of Soft Materials.

Greg Gundersen, Ed.D., Assistant Director and Senior International Student Adviser
headshot of Greg Gunderson

As an international student in England, Greg’s studies focused on student participation in international education. This experience brings a unique perspective and passion for international education to our team. Greg has worked at UC Davis for more than a decade assisting students with decisions regarding studying abroad, academic coursework, academic skill development, as well as the broader experience of being a student at UC Davis. Greg thoroughly enjoys all sorts of outdoor activities and takes full advantage of the diverse recreational activities Northern California has to offer. Whether students need academic advising or information about travel and student life, Greg is able to bring a broad and experienced perspective to his work.

Alin Wakefield, College of Engineering, Research & Graduate Studies Development Coordinator
headshot of Alin Wakefield

Alin has served the College of Engineering in a variety of roles supporting both graduate and undergraduate students. He is passionate about collaborating with others and building partnerships through cooperative action. His duties now focus on developing strategies to expand recruitment and retention efforts, project management, faculty development and student coaching. At home, Alin enjoys spending time outside and with his family.