What Past Participants Say

students on the beach“Davis is sunny all the time, and the length of daylight is beyond imagination. The weather here is great. Most importantly, all the people here are very kind. I learned a lot about the American culture. After the cultural workshops, I forced myself to be more out-going than I was before. I did change a lot.”—Min Huang, Zhejiang University

“I learned a whole process of developing calibration standards in the Crocker Nuclear Lab this summer. In addition, I communicated with my mentor about my graduation education and met with some of the professors here. The program provides large freedom for us to do research in Davis. All the people here are really helpful. The research guidance from my mentor and the post doctor was in detail. The program coordinators were very patient and warmhearted. I really like the research atmosphere here. Also, the trip to Lake Tahoe was awesome.”—Shunyao Wang, Zhejiang University

group photo of students wearing matching purple shirts“I like the classes. First of all, they are useful for applying to graduate school. And the contents help me a lot, both in choosing a career and personal development. Secondly, the classes provide a chance to take us together. Because we are in different labs, we don’t know what’s happening in each other’s work and life, but we become familiar in the class.”—Qiao Ying, Zhejiang University