Graduate School Advising

Many of the students at UC Davis plan on continuing their education by attending graduate school. Getting accepted to graduate school can be challenging process, and it is difficult to navigate alone. To help, the UC Davis campus has several resources available to talk about applications.

Pre-Graduate/Law Advising

Pre-Graduate/Law Advising holds regular workshops each quarter to discuss graduate school options. In addition to assisting with applications, they also help students decide what graduate schools options are right for them. Students are also encouraged to use the “drop-in hours,” when students can meet with knowledgeable staff members without an appointment.

Internship and Career Center

The Internship and Career Center (ICC) primarily aids students with workplace applications, but they offer excellent workshops on how to write résumés and cover letters. Résumés and Curriculum Vitae (CV) are essential parts of the graduate school application and are an important way to make a good first impression. Students may request an appointment with a staff member or use the drop-in hours for suggestions on how to improve their résumé.